5th Year Online Maths Grinds

5th Year (2 year course )

Algebra, Indices and Logs, The Line, Complex Numbers, The Circle, Trigonometry, Differentiation.
These classes are between 1 hour and 1hour 15mins long.
Homework and solutions with each class.
  • 4 Classes (over 5 hours of content) covering Algebra to Leaving Cert level, includes L.Cert questions. These classes will give a student a very good grounding in Algebra, a part of Maths that feeds into the whole course. Includes homework plus full solutions at end of each class.
  • 3 comprehensive and detailed classes over 1 hour long each. Learn this very important chapter from start to finish, includes difficult L. Cert style questions. Deals with exponential functions, natural logs, changing bases of logs and much more. Homework sheet and full solutions provided at end of each class.
  • 4 classes on The Line, a Paper 2 topic, also helps another chapter called The Circle. Approx. 5 hours of content in total. Deals with challenging Leaving Cert standard questions. Students will have a high standard in this chapter on completion of these classes. Includes homework and solutions.
  • A Paper 1 topic. 4 classes covering comprehensively the Leaving Cert course on this chapter. Deals with Polar Form, the 3 types of DeMoivres Theorem questions on the course, quadratic and cubic equations, Leaving Cert and Pre Paper questions and much more. Also includes homework sheets at end of each class plus full solutions.
  • The Circle comes up on Paper 2 of Leaving Cert. 4 intensive classes on The Circle, teaching the course to Leaving Cert standard. Includes Leaving Cert and Pre Paper questions, homework sheets and solutions.
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