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5th Year Monthly Subscription
6th Year Monthly Subscription

McGinn Tuition Centre provides weekly online Maths grind classes for 5th year and 6th year Higher Level Maths students. I will be teaching each topic fully and comprehensively. A student can learn each topic through these classes regardless of whether they have covered it in school yet. The question sheets used in these classes will be attached as a printable file but I also will hold up each sheet to the camera and the class can be paused to take down those questions in case a student doesn’t have access to a printer.

These classes are best watched on a large screen rather than a mobile phone. Students must write up notes from the board as they would in school and ensure that they have a full set of written notes to go with all these classes. I will also be attaching homework at the end of each class and the full solutions of these so that students can check their work and practice any question that they might get wrong.

These classes are pre-recorded and can be watched as many times as a student needs, they can be paused at any time. They offer students a huge amount of flexibility since they can be watched at a time that suits and eliminates the need for travelling to a class at a set time each week.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that I can be of help to you through the year with these classes.
Mark McGinn.

To maximise the use of these classes, a student must commit to 3 things each week

watch each class and write up notes,
re-do the questions covered in each class (study)
do attached homework and check solutions

5th Year (2 year course )

Algebra, Indices and Logs, The Line, Complex Numbers, The Circle, Trigonometry, Differentiation.
These classes are between 1 hour and 1hour 15mins long.
Homework and solutions with each class.

6th year (1 year course )

The Line , Complex Numbers, The Circle, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Probability and Statistics, Sequences and Series, Financial Maths, Functions, Integration, Algebra, Indices and Logs.
These classes can vary in length from between 1hour 15mins to 1hour 30 mins each depending on different topics.
Homework and solutions with each class.


I went to McGinn Tuition Centre for 2 years, 5th year and Leaving Cert. It was great to start early in 5th year as we got the whole course covered and had lots of time for revision coming up to my Leaving Cert. Thanks Mark, I got a H1 which I couldn’t believe!
M. O' S. Douglas.
My daughter went to McGinn Tuition Centre for Junior Cert Maths grinds. She absolutely loved it and looked forward to her grind each week ! She got an A in the end and I have since started her on the 2 year Leaving Cert. Programme.
She is not stressed about Maths which takes a load off my mind. Thank you.
A.M. Ballincollig.
I did Applied Maths as an extra subject in McGinn. I was good at Maths and Physics so I thought Applied Maths would be good for me, I was right. I got a H1 in the Leaving Cert. I’m doing Engineering in U.C.C. and the Applied Maths is helping me in 1st year. Thanks.
P.K. Carrigaline.
I just did my Leaving Cert (and glad to be finished, doing BIS in UCC). I did the 1 year Leaving Cert. Maths course with Mark McGinn. It was intense and we got homework every week but I loved going there . We got an enormous amount of work done and it really paid off, I kind of miss it. H1 in the bag!
C.M. Kinsale.
Just wanted to thank everyone at McGinn. My son got his Junior Cert. results…an A in Higher Level. Over the moon, money well spent. We will see you again in 5th year. Make sure to keep a place for him ! Many thanks.
K.L. Rochestown.