• 4 Classes (over 5 hours of content) covering Algebra to Leaving Cert level, includes L.Cert questions. These classes will give a student a very good grounding in Algebra, a part of Maths that feeds into the whole course. Includes homework plus full solutions at end of each class.
  • 3 classes, over 4 hours of content in total. Covers perpendicular distance, angle between 2 lines, division of a line segment, area of a triangle, centroid, orthocentre, circumcentre, Leaving Cert and Pre Paper questions. Homework sheet at end of each class with full solutions.
  • 3 comprehensive classes covering all aspects of this topic. Polar form, DeMoivres Theorem, quadratic and cubic functions, multiplying and dividing complex numbers and more. Leaving Cert and Pre Paper questions covered. Homework and full solutions at end of each class.
  • 3 intensive classes covering this paper 2 topic. Questions involving tangents, chords, problems in g , f and c. Circles touching externally, point of intersection of 2 circles, Leaving Cert questions covered. Homework sheet at end of each class plus full solutions. Approx. 4 hours of tuition in total.
  • 5 classes on this long and challenging part of the course, over 1 hour long each. Covers solving equations using formulae on pages 13-15 of log tables. Trig diagrams including 3-D shapes. Graphs of trig functions, range and period. A very important part of the course, one of the biggest parts of Higher Level Maths. Leaving Cert papers covered, homework plus full solutions at end of each class.
  • 4 long classes, all well over 1 hour long each, covering a big topic on paper 1. A notoriously challenging part of Higher Level Maths. Deals with product, quotient and chain rule, trig and inverse trig functions, exponential and log functions, Max and min turning points and points of inflection, both types of rates of change, Leaving Cert questions. Homework at end of each class plus solutions.
  • 6 long classes dealing with a huge part of the Maths course. Very important that a student grasps this before going into the Leaving Cert. A paper 2 topic covering permutations and combinations, z-scores, normal distributions, binomial distributions, sets and independent events, expected value, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and more. Includes difficult exam paper questions and homework with solutions at end of each class.
  • 3 classes covering this topic which generally appears on paper 1. Features a lot in the Leaving Cert. Deals with Arithmetic, Geometric sequences, Quadratic and Cubic sequences, Leaving Cert and Pre Paper questions. These 3 classes ( approx. 4 hours of content) give students a thorough preparation for the Leaving Cert exam in this topic. Includes homework sheets and full solutions.
  • 4 intensive classes on this difficult part of the Maths course (approx 5 hours of content). A student can completely learn this topic from start to finish through these videos even without prior knowledge of it. Covering questions about saving and investing, borrowing money, repayments on loans, depreciation, pensions and much more. Very easy to follow, must know about geometric sequences before doing this course. Exam and pre papers covered, homework sheets and full solutions included.
  • 3 classes covering this paper 1 topic over 1 hour long each. A comprehensive teaching of all types of functions to be integrated including exponentials , trig functions and more . Also includes Area by Integration and Rates of Change in Integration. Exam style questions covered, homework plus solutions at end of each class.
  • 1 long class , well over an hour in duration , covering this tricky but short Paper 1 topic. Very hard for a student to teach this topic themselves. This class will prepare a student fully for the Leaving Cert in functions and they will have very good understanding of this topic on completion. Deals with injective, surjective and bijective functions, how to determine what a function is, graph questions in functions and more.
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